SurfingSurfing is lifetime favorite activity for locals and tourists alike in Brigantine. With waves that anyone from a beginner to a pro loves riding, it’s no wonder why so many people keep a surfboard close by in this town. Head down to the beach at 38th Street South or use your Four Wheel Drive Permit to drive onto the Jetty Beach, Brigantine’s own surfer paradise where cars are parked along the beach, barbeque is going, and surfer’s come in and out of the water.

Surfers must stay outside the flags that designate the swimming areas in front of the lifeguard stands.?The following beaches are guarded designated surfing beaches: the south end jetty beach, 9th street south and the north end beach (12th Street).?Each beach offers it’s own unique break and is worth exploring.?Beginners should avoid the crowded surfing beaches and learn proper surfing etiquette to be safe and keep fellow surfers safe.?Remember to never surf past your ability level and always surf with a companion.

Not yet a surfer, but ready to be? Primal Surf Shop has surf lessons available! Head to to get into a wetsuit and conquer the waves.